Automotive Windshield Recalibration

Windshield Recalibration of ADAS features

Most don’t know that there could be a forward-facing camera connected to your windshield. This camera is an intricate part of your vehicle’s advanced safety features also known as ADAS.

Why is windshield recalibration important?

When a windshield needs to be replaced, car manufacturers require recalibration of the forward-facing camera connected to your windshield.

At Pinnacle Auto Glass we want your car running up to original specs, so you are safe and your car’s safety features are working at tip-top shape. We can often handle both the replacement of the windshield and recalibration in the same appointment. Keep in mind different makes and models take different steps to recalibrate the ADAS features. There are two types of recalibration Static and Dynamic:

Static Recalibration

This service requires particular targets for different makes and models. This usually can take up to an hour.

Dynamic Recalibration

This service requires driving the vehicle up to certain speeds.
Like a static, this service can sometimes take up to an hour.

These safety features are very important and drivers count on these features. So we make sure your calibration technician is trained and an expert in the recalibration of these ADAS features.

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